Patient Rubble is a solo exhibition that brings together new work from two bodies of work, the Moss side series, which uses simplistic forms and color relationships to create objects of beauty and visual weight meant for joy-inducing looking and portability. The other body includes work from an ongoing series called Already Not Yet, which brings art that treads on the tensions of what is most present to us and what is allusive and just beyond our grasp. Taken together, this shows title suggests that while so much feels like it is falling apart around us, the “rubble” is patiently waiting for a day of renewal to be put back together again. It is almost like living stones crying out from the world, aching for something more, desiring to be something more. These paintings, in the humble expressions, point to something more.


Artist Statement:

My studio practice is inspired by the history of painting and the tensions that persist in human existence and longings. Over the last decade, this has played out through Paintings sourced from and in conversation with various modalities of modern and contemporary art. From Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, Post-painterly abstraction, Neo-Expressionism, and pop cultural imagery, I have sought to harmonize my paintings into discrete, fresh, visual wholes replete with particular attitudes. From that standpoint, I aim to render meaningful humanizing effects in the eyes of willing viewers.



Born in Southern California, Ryan Lauterio is a working studio artist whose practice is broad in scope and interest. Lauterio specializes in painting, drawing, studio methods, curation, and art and theology. In 2006, He and his wife Laura were married and moved from California to Richmond, VA, where they live with their three beautiful children.

Lauterio holds a B.A. (’03) and an M.A. (’05) in Studio Art from C.S.U. Sacramento, and an M.F.A. (’09) in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Lauterio is the Director and Curator of Shockoe Artspace, which he founded in 2011 in partnership with Remnant Church. Since its formal launch as a 501c3 in 2016, Shockoe Artspace has hosted numerous exhibitions from artists of both local and national acclaim. Lauterio’s work as a visual artist is published in New American Painter, Beautiful Decay, Sick of the Radio, Image Journal and more. In addition, Lauterio’s studio work is included in several private and corporate collections, including Capital one’s primary art collection. Lauterio has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Detroit, Richmond, Brooklyn, Wisconsin, Italy, London, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Taubman Museum.

Lauterio co-hosts Shockoe Artspeak, an art and design podcast, alongside Dr. Garreth Blackwell. In addition, Lauterio co-directed the multi-award-winning feature documentary The Builder alongside photographer Nick Sietz. Art and Design are significant to all of Ryan’s work, including co-founding a Design Lab called ON3 (Fall22) and co-founding and teaching at the Maker Institute of Studio Art and Theology (Fall23). Lauterio is a full-time Assistant Professor and the Drawing Studio Area Head at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he has taught since 2007 in the School of the Arts Art Foundation program. VCU has ranked Nationally as the number one public Art School for over a decade of Lauterio’s time there.