Life On The Ground is a photography exhibition showcasing the various emotions and perspectives accompanying the loss of loved ones and the journey of grief and suffering. I chose to take all of my pictures from the ground because that is where I was as I faced the losses of my father, sister, and aunt within a five-month time span. Each image captures an emotion I felt as I worked through my grief with the help of a counselor. Some images are darker and show the depth of field, suggesting that life is to be taken moment by moment, and I couldn’t look too far into the future. In all images, the focus is on what is right in front of you, and what is further away in the image is more out of focus representing the future. By inviting viewers into the exhibit, I hope they will step into the raw emotions of grief and better understand what a grieving loved one may be going through. I have learned that there is beauty on the ground. The ground has given me a new perspective and has shown me my need for God.



Born in Southern Maryland, Franny Binkowski has been interested in art since childhood, taking various photography classes in middle and high school and eventually enrolling and graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a bachelor’s in Photography in 2000. Known by all her friends as a giving artist, her art primarily resides in her home, accompanied by the art from her five children, which graces the walls in every room. In 2005 she and her husband, Tom, were married and moved to Louisville, KY, so her husband could go to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. During her time in Louisville, she spent time at Sojourn Community Church with fellow artists and designers. In 2013 her family moved to Pittsburgh, PA, where she resides with her husband and five children, Ryver, Hudson, Shepherd, Priscilla, and Lila. She is a proud homemaker and likes to encourage others to pursue art.